Gladys: Her Love of Learning English Led Her to the Love of Her Life

Gladys and Richard.jpg

Gladys understood the power of prayer. At my home church, we had prayed for 12 years to begin an ESL ministry. We were a brand new church without a building and, therefore, no place to hold classes. 
After 12 years, we finally had a building and were ready to begin our classes. We advertised in the community and Gladys was one of the 140 students who responded.  
Gladys was a widow raising three teenaged sons on her housekeeper's income.  She had no time for English classes, but she was eager to learn. She prayed for classes that she could attend close to her home. When our program opened, just one day a week, and only about five blocks from her house, it was an answer to her prayer.  
After two years of ESL classes, we began a Sunday morning International ESL class studying English from the Scripture. Gladys was our first student. She also brought several other students that she knew from her work. We studied the life of Christ and then moved on, as the students progressed in their English, to studying key events in history through the Book of Genesis.  
One day Gladys said, "I would like to marry again. Would you pray for me to find the right man?"  We said, of course we would pray. After some time of prayer, one morning, for some reason, our conversation before the class began was about Gladys asked, "Do you think that will work for me?" Of course, was our reply. The next Sunday she invited us to lunch at her house after church. After completing a most delicious lunch, Gladys then said, "Help me get on eHarmony."  My husband and I were eager to help Gladys. Six hours later we had completed the application.  We were very careful to be quite satisfied that she fully understood each question. Once we submitted the application and some potential candidates came back, we left Gladys on her own to do her own communicating! We didn't hear anything from her for about two months and then one Sunday a gentleman followed Gladys into the Bible study class. My husband and I smiled at each other seeing an answer to prayer in front of us.
Gladys and Richard were married five months later, and they have been married more than 5 years. Gladys' English has improved dramatically as Richard did not speak Spanish!
Any faith-based ESL ministry needs to be completely surrounded by prayer. And what a result you can expect when you are faithful in prayer. Gladys is the perfect example.