Spanish Pastors Experience ESL Class

Behind every successful faith-based ESL ministry is a pastor who understands and embraces the unique outreach qualities of ESL.  Too often I meet with ESL ministry directors who share their concern that their ESL ministry is not appreciated for its vital role in the overall outreach of a church’s programming.  More likely than not, the ESL ministry is simply not fully understood by the church leadership.  So, whenever I am invited to do an ESL Awareness Conference, my first enquiry is, “How many pastors and church leaders will attend?” 

            A few months back I received a call from Pastor David Leiva from Iglesia Bautista Estrella de Belen Norte.  Pastor David asked if I’d come teach his Aunt Gloria how to conduct an ESL ministry.  After much conversation, it was agreed that I’d lead an ESL workshop in his church, provided he had 10 participants to attend. 

            Pastor David became very excited about the ESL ministry possibility and he subsequently invited me to present an Awareness Conference for 10 more Spanish language pastors in South Florida.  Wow!  That’s quite an honor for me. 

            On the day, we demonstrated a typical ESL ministry by having the pastors return to the classroom as ESL students for a first-hand look at what an ESL class is really like.  They enthusiastically participated.  Judging by the looks on their faces, I believe they enjoyed the games practicing the language the most!  The final activity of the demonstration lesson was to work as a team to put the pieces of a scripture verse into correct order.  Suddenly, the light switched on for these servants of God as they saw the potential for ministry outreach through the ESL ministry. 

            When we held the ESL Workshop just 4 weeks later, 10 individuals from 4 different churches attended.  We’re looking forward to seeing what new ESL ministries open in this community. 

            To schedule an ESL training workshop for your church, contact us here. 

Pastors Awareness Conference (1).jpg

Pastors work together to put the scrambled pieces of a Scripture verse into correct order.